Tenses with Past meaning

Времена для выражения прошлого

Past Simple используется 

- для выражения событий, которые произошли и закончились в прошлом (I lost my key yesterday. Tchaikovsky was a great composer. He wrote many pieces of music.) 

Слова-помощники: yesterday, last week/month/year, two days/weeks/months/years ago 

 Past Continuous используется для описания 

 - процесса или неоконченного действия в определенный момент в прошлом (Yesterday at 5 o’clock I was reading a book.) 

 - часто используется в сочетании с Past Simple (Jane phoned me while I was having lunch.) 

 Past Perfect используется, чтобы 

 - описать действие в прошлом, которое произошло раньше другого действия в прошлом: When John arrived at the party, Kate had already gone home. 

Present Perfect используется, когда 

-  действие закончено, а его результат важен сейчас (I can’t find the book. I’ve lost it.) 

- действие закончено, а период времени, о котором идет речь, еще длится: I have drunk 2 cups of coffee today. (Today еще не закончилось); I have been to Canada twice (подразумевается in my life, и life еще не закончилась) 

Слова-помощники: just, already, yet, recently, so far, in the last few days/months, since breakfast/lunch

Примеры использования Tenses with Past meaning

  • My parents came to visit me last September. -
  • My neighbour asked us if we had seen his dog. -
  • Did Barry come to your party last week? -
  • I haven't seen Joe today. -
  • I found Elisa's diary when she had already moved out. -
  • Alexia has lost her purse and now has no money. -
  • We did not have time to visit Louvre. -
  • It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. -
  • Where have I left my phone? -
  • Had you studied Italian before you moved to Milan? -
  • The plane hadn't left by the time I got to the airport. -
  • I didn't go anywhere because it was raining. -
  • Why has Mike gone already? -
  • Harry said he went to the library yesterday. -
  • Tailor has never heard of this book. -
  • Emily went to China last year. -
  • Lana has drunk four cups of coffee today! -
  • I sold my house two months ago. -
  • What time did Sarah leave on Tuesday? -
  • Have you ever tried sushi? -
  • Where did you go shopping yesterday? -
  • My mother has just bought a new car! -
  • I was having a terrifying dream when the alarm clock rang. -
  • Matt says he liked that museum a lot. -
  • Frank was making pizza while Ale was cooking salad. -
  • Harold had known about their divorce for a while before everyone found out. -
  • I had never seen Joanna laugh before yesterday. -
  • Mary announced that she had found a new job. -
  • By the time Doris got to the office, everyone had already gone. -
  • I have written three essays already. -
  • By the time I met Mia again, she had already found a new boyfriend. -
  • I wasn't sleeping when someone broke into my house. -
  • I was wondering if you could help me with the project. -
  • Mary hasn't graduated from the university yet. -
  • Have you ever seen Paul cry? -
  • I didn't call you yesterday because I was busy. -
  • Dick was cutting the grass when the snake appeared. -
  • My mother washed the floor when the painter had already gone. -
  • We wish you moved to Los Angeles. -
  • We went to a club last night. -
  • My uncle was always telling us stories about our parents. -
  • Helen has never been to Norway. -
  • My husband was always talking about his friends from college. -
  • I was working when the accident occurred. -
  • I was cooking when Josh called. -
  • They gave Julie a puppy for her birthday. -
  • I have seen Anna twice in my life. -
  • I was dancing when Matthew walked in. -