Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

Простое Прошедшее и Прошедшее Длительное

Past Simple используется для выражения:

 - событий, которые произошли и закончились в прошлом 

(I lost my key yesterday. Tchaikovsky was a great composer. He wrote many pieces of music.

Слова-помощники: yesterday, last week/month/year, two days/weeks/months/years ago 

Past Continuous используется для описания: 

- процесса или неоконченного действия в определенный момент в прошлом (Yesterday at 5 o’clock I was reading a book.

- часто используется в сочетании с Past Simple (Jane phoned me while I was having lunch.)

Примеры использования Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

  • My wife arrived when I was having a bath. -
  • When I walked into the room, they were dancing. -
  • Were they studying at this time yesterday? -
  • Maddie came back at midnight. -
  • Someone took a picture of Tom while he was sitting on a bench. -
  • Which shop did Tom go yesterday? -
  • Why were you crying when I met you? -
  • Where was your cousin born? -
  • We found the keys we were looking for yesterday. -
  • I met Elisa when I was going to work. -
  • The children were playing in the park when it started to rain. -
  • Anna was sleeping when the burglars broke into her house. -
  • Paula was running when the storm started. -
  • Lisa was studying when Joe called her. -
  • Just as Ted was finishing his homework, he remembered another exercise he had to do. -
  • Were they smiling when they saw you? -
  • Was Anna having a shower when an earthquake began? -
  • Susie was watching a film when she heard the noise. -
  • Were you sleeping when everything happened? -
  • I was standing in the line when I saw Mary. -
  • Who did you see at the train station? -
  • Emma called me when I was sitting on the train. -
  • My granddad went to see a doctor on Friday. -
  • What was Jane wearing when you saw her at the theatre? -
  • Bob was waiting for me for two hours yesterday. -
  • Which song were you singing when I came in? -
  • My mother bought a new bag yesterday. -
  • The bird was singing in the garden when the cat attacked it. -
  • My mother was cooking for five hours on Sunday. -
  • Was your grandmother working when she met your grandfather? -
  • My best friend graduated from the university in June. -
  • We were playing tennis when Alex hurt his wrist. -
  • What were you doing at eight o'clock last night? -
  • I was watching television when my mother came home. -
  • I broke my leg when I was skiing. -
  • I wanted to call my mum but I called you instead. -
  • Where was Rob going when he lost his phone? -
  • I was studying at the library all day yesterday. -
  • The town was changing quickly. -
  • When I woke up, it was snowing. -
  • What were they doing when you arrived at the party? -
  • I was reading when the doorbell rang. -
  • You weren't dancing at noon yesterday. -
  • Who was Alessia talking to when you saw her? -
  • Anna did not mean to hurt you. -
  • Why was Lucy smoking at the party? -
  • I went to Tokyo last month. -
  • While I was walking to the university, I witnessed an accident. -