Conditional Clauses

Conditional Clauses

Правило для 1st conditional:
Данное предложение относится к первому типу условных предложений (1st Conditional). Такие предложения выражают реальное условие: если будет одно, то будет и второе. Предложения состоят из двух частей: условие (начинается с If, время Present Simple) и следствие/результат (время Future Simple).
If it stops raining, we will play tennis.
Если перестанет идти дождь, мы поиграем в теннис.
Условие и результат в предложении могут стоять в любом порядке.
I will talk to him if I see him.
Я поговорю с ним, если увижу его.

Правило для 2nd Conditional:
Данное предложение относится ко второму типу условных предложений (2nd Conditional). Такие предложения описывают воображаемые ситуации, которые противоречат реальности. Очень маловероятно, что они произойдут. Предложения состоят из двух частей: возможное условие (начинается с If, время Past Simple) и возможный результат (время Future in the past = would + инфинитив глагола без to/could/might).
If I won million dollars, I would buy a yacht.
Если бы я выиграл миллион долларов, я бы купил яхту.
Условие и результат в предложении могут стоять в любом порядке.
He could come tomorrow if he had more time.
Он мог бы прийти завтра, если бы у него было больше времени.
В письменной речи во втором типе условных предложений со всеми местоимениями употребляется were в условии.
If I were you, I would not go there.
Если бы я был тобой, я бы не пошел туда.

Правило для 3rd Conditional:
Данное предложение относится к третьему типу условных предложений (3rd Conditional). В этих предложениях условие относится к прошедшему времени и не может быть выполнено никаким образом. Предложение состоит из двух частей: условие в прошлом (начинается с If, время Past Perfect) и неосуществленный результат (время Future Perfect in the past = would + have + 3-я форма глагола).
If I had known about your problems, I would have helped you.
Если бы я знал о твоих проблемах, я бы помог тебе. (=Я не знал о твоих проблемах и не помог, прошлое изменить не получится).
Условие и результат в предложении могут стоять в любом порядке.
She would have gone to the party if she had bought a dress.
Она бы пошла на вечеринку, если бы купила платье. (=Она не купила платье и не пошла на вечеринку, этого уже не изменить)

Примеры использования Conditional Clauses

  • I would take up dancing classes if I had a partner. -
  • If you cook pasta, I will cook salad. -
  • If I had bought tickets in advance, I would have spent less money. -
  • I would buy this dress if I were taller. -
  • If she buys this dress, she will wear it to the party. -
  • If we lived in Rome, Mario would come to visit us. -
  • She will help you if she can. -
  • She would have gone to the beach if it hadn't rained. -
  • If he had more money, he would travel to Argentina. -
  • She would have worked in the centre if she had gotten that job. -
  • If you want to watch football, we will go to the pub. -
  • He will open the door if he presses the yellow button. -
  • If he had money, he would study at Harvard. -
  • We could go there if I had a car. -
  • If I could go to any planet, I would go to Venus. -
  • He will be happy if he goes to the stadium. -
  • I would have gone to the game if I had bought the tickets in advance. -
  • If I could play the guitar, I would sing you a song. -
  • I will go to Newcastle if there is a direct train. -
  • She would have gone to the dancing class if she hadn't broken her leg. -
  • If we had bought the tickets in advance, we wouldn't have missed the train. -
  • I would love to go to the concert if I didn't have to work. -
  • If the plane had not arrived late, we would not have missed the train. -
  • If you are thirsty, I will bring you some juice. -
  • If he was a scientist, he would study biology. -
  • He would have given you his car if you had asked him. -
  • If we don't have time today, we'll meet tomorrow. -
  • If Argentina wins, we will celebrate. -
  • I would marry her, if I could. -
  • My dad will take up classes of skiing if he goes to Switzerland. -
  • If I were a football player, I would play for Chelsea. -
  • My mother would buy me a present, if I passed an exam. -
  • If I graduated from the university, my mum would be proud of me. -
  • If I lived in my own flat, I would get a dog. -
  • She would have rented a car if she had brought her driving license. -
  • I would play football if my leg didn't hurt. -
  • I wouldn't go there if I were you. -
  • We will go to the restaurant if you come. -
  • If I were a singer, I would love to perform at Wembley stadium. -
  • If I were stronger, I could do boxing. -
  • If you are hungry, I will make you a sandwich. -
  • If there is a direct flight, we will go to Cape Town. -
  • He would be happy to help you if he could. -
  • I would go to Frank Sinatra's concert if he was still alive. -
  • If he hadn't lied to her, they wouldn't have broken up. -
  • If I had listened to you, I would not have made this mistake. -
  • If I won $1000000, I would buy a yacht. -
  • If we go to London, we will visit the Tower. -
  • She would have bought these shoes if she hadn't forgotten her purse. -
  • If she had a dog, we would walk our dogs together. -