Sequence of tenses

Согласование времен

В сложных предложениях часто используется согласование времён. Если в главном предложении глагол стоит в настоящем или будущем времени, то в придаточном предложении может употребляться любое время.

She says she likes strawberry. - Она говорит, она любит клубнику.
I know that you live alone. - Я знаю, что ты живёшь один.

Если в главном предложении глагол стоит в одном из прошедших времён, то в придаточном используется также глагол в прошедшем времени или будущее в прошедшем.

I thought you were his friend. - Я думал, что ты его друг.
She said she would try to find the right decision. - Она сказала, что постарается найти правильное решение.

Примеры использования Sequence of tenses

  • I think I need some water. -
  • I knew you wouldn't go home. -
  • I think I know this place. -
  • I know you read the book. -
  • I knew we'd be together forever. -
  • We hope you enjoy the book. -
  • I thought I could live with you. -
  • I realized I had seen her before. -
  • You promised you wouldn't tell anyone. -
  • I know that she will do it. -
  • I thought you'd agree with me. -
  • I thought you'd be at lunch. -
  • I knew you wouldn't help me -
  • She thought she would try to sleep. -
  • I know that you will find us -
  • She said she didn't have a choice. -
  • I hope you have a plan. -
  • I think it will rain this afternoon. -
  • I thought you were going to call. -
  • You promised you wouldn't say anything. -
  • I know that she can help you. -
  • You know that you can trust me. -
  • I think I'll have the salad. -
  • I think we should end the discussion. -
  • I think you'll like the apartment. -
  • I thought you were going to leave. -
  • You promised you would stay in bed. -
  • I hope you have a lawyer. -
  • He knew we would find this. -
  • I thought I had thrown it away. -
  • I knew you wouldn't do it. -
  • You promised we'd go on holiday. -
  • I didn't say they stole the suitcase. -
  • I think we can give an answer. -
  • I knew she wouldn't open it. -
  • I think I know the truth. -
  • I think you need a break. -
  • I knew you wouldn't fix it. -
  • He knew he couldn't stop it. -
  • He promised we would meet again soon. -
  • I hope you'll get some help. -
  • I thought you wouldn't understand it. -
  • I thought the boy was gone. -
  • I think I hear the dog. -
  • I knew I'd remember it forever. -
  • I think that you should ask him -
  • I think I know the family. -
  • I didn't know we had a pool! -
  • I knew he was going to ask. -
  • I promised I would be on time. -