В данном предложении использовано наречие. Наречия используются для описания действий и могут отвечать на вопросы Как? Когда? Где? В какой степени? и т.д.
Еще наречия используются для описания прилагательных или других наречий, а также для описания всего предложения в целом.

Если наречие относится к определенному слову, оно ставится непосредственно перед ним;

В начале предложения ставятся наречия, которые играют роль вводных слов (although, however, finally);

В середине предложения ставятся наречия, которые выражают частотность действия, степень уверенность или мнение (always, never, definitely, expertly);

Наречия, выражающие время, могут стоять в начале или конце предложения (tomorrow, yesterday).

Наречия часто образуются при помощи добавления суффикса -ly к прилагательному.
Некоторые наречия совпадают по форме с прилагательными (hard, fast, high, deep…). Они меняют свое значение при добавлении суффикса -ly.

Примеры использования Adverbs

  • Everything has changed dramatically. -
  • His horse came last. -
  • She solves mathematical problems quickly. -
  • I bought a new car today. -
  • I can read in Italian very quickly. -
  • My brother will return from Texas shortly. -
  • Their house is high in the mountains. -
  • My sister loves her husband deeply. -
  • He drives his son directly to the stadium. -
  • Could you speak louder, please? -
  • I usually do shopping on Sundays. -
  • My mum will probably meet her friend tonight. -
  • The film was really interesting. -
  • It happened long time ago. -
  • If he works hard, he will get more money. -
  • Normally I don't run so slowly. -
  • I haven't been feeling well lately. -
  • I will go to New York tomorrow. -
  • His friend has wrongly blamed him for that. -
  • I used to live near the river. -
  • I ate too much yesterday. -
  • Can you explain briefly what the problem is? -
  • He came home quietly last night. -
  • Sometimes she can be very angry. -
  • We mostly travel together. -
  • It was simply dishonest. -
  • After work I went directly to the gym. -
  • It was really important for her. -
  • I need a flight that goes direct to Chicago. -
  • Finally you are here! -
  • He runs very fast. -
  • My mum has work trips once a month. -
  • My parents love each other deeply. -
  • My brother really likes hockey. -
  • If you go deep to the jungle, it can be dangerous. -
  • He has been very busy lately. -
  • I will definitely accept this offer. -
  • My mum has never been to London. -
  • I have never ridden an elephant. -
  • She will come back shortly. -
  • My dad always carries my sister carefully. -
  • She answered incorrectly. -
  • Ed sings beautifully. -
  • My office is far from my home. -
  • My house is not so far from yours. -
  • I came here at two pm. -
  • She cleans her room daily. -
  • I like lemon ice-cream most. -
  • My sister came last in the race. -
  • I moved here many years ago. -