Past Simple vs. Past Perfect

Простое прошедшее - Прошедшее совершенное

Past Simple используется 

- для выражения событий, которые произошли и закончились в прошлом (I lost my key yesterday. Tchaikovsky was a great composer. He wrote many pieces of music.

Слова-помощники: yesterday, last week/month/year, two days/weeks/months/years ago

Past Perfect используется, чтобы описать действие в прошлом, которое произошло раньше другого действия в прошлом: When John arrived at the party, Kate had already gone home.

Примеры использования Past Simple vs. Past Perfect

  • I announced that I had left my job. -
  • My brother had never done any sport before he took up basketball. -
  • My daughter got a new job last month. -
  • Mary explained that she had just come back from her holidays. -
  • Had they bought anything from Ikea before yesterday? -
  • My parents had not come to my games before yesterday. -
  • I went to London three days ago. -
  • Had it taken so long to get a table in the past? -
  • Samanta had never danced salsa before she went to the class. -
  • Anna hadn't eaten Chinese food before she went to Beijing. -
  • What had they said that made you so upset? -
  • How much had James drunk before you took him home? -
  • I had just baked the cake, and dad ate it all! -
  • Before last night I hadn't spoken to my mum for a month. -
  • Paul told me they had lived in Spain for five years. -
  • I had never driven a Ferrari before I went to Monaco. -
  • Had Emma seen a psychiatrist before you told her to? -
  • Had you spoken to Jack before you met each other? -
  • Had the snowstorm started before you left? -
  • What had Josh done that you became so angry? -
  • Lisa had left before the party even started. -
  • Lola had not eaten anything all day before she had dinner. -