Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Настоящее совершенное - Простое прошедшее

Present Perfect используется, когда

  • действие закончено, а его результат важен сейчас (I can’t find the book. I’ve lost it.);
  • действие закончено, а период времени, о котором идет речь, еще длится: I have drunk 2 cups of coffee today. (Today еще не закончилось); I have been to Canada twice. (подразумевается in my life, и life еще не закончилась)

Слова-помощники: just, already, yet, recently, so far, in the last few days/months, since breakfast/lunch

Past Simple используется для выражения

  • событий, которые произошли и закончились в прошлом (I lost my key yesterday. Tchaikovsky was a great composer. He wrote many pieces of music.)

Слова-помощники: yesterday, last week/month/year, two days/weeks/months/years ago

Примеры использования Present Perfect vs Past Simple

  • I had pancakes for breakfast. -
  • Have you ever met a celebrity? -
  • My mum has lost her keys and cannot get into the house now! -
  • Has Anna passed this exam already? -
  • We went to Paris three months ago. -
  • Where have you travelled lately? -
  • Anna has met me today. -
  • Who is the smartest person you have ever met? -
  • My sister was born in Italy. -
  • Mary has not started her essay yet. -
  • When did Alice move to Portland? -
  • We have just got back from our holidays. -
  • What did your husband do last month? -
  • My dad broke his leg last month. -
  • What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to? -
  • What interesting foods have you eaten in your life? -
  • My brother didn't play hockey at school. -
  • Laura has never been abroad. -
  • It hasn't rained a lot this year. -
  • Where did you work five years ago? -
  • Why did Anna go to Manchester two weeks ago? -
  • My brother has been to Mexico three times. -
  • I went to Spain last year to study Spanish. -
  • Did we take this bus last time? -
  • Has James just left? -
  • I've known Sarah for five years. -
  • John liked my new book. -
  • Did you have a pet when you were a child? -
  • The teacher hasn't seen you this week. -
  • I didn't do it on my own. -
  • My grandmother read this newspaper yesterday. -
  • Jack has seen this film before. -
  • Have you ever been to Russia? -
  • Did they go to the university with you? -
  • Has Rachel ever studied Hindi? -
  • Did your mother go to a doctor on Tuesday? -
  • Emily didn't see you yesterday. -
  • I have already finished my project. -
  • I haven't bought a new computer yet. -
  • Rosie didn't bake this cake, I did. -
  • Has your mother done the shopping already? -
  • Who did you meet at the party yesterday? -
  • It is the worst day I have ever had. -
  • They haven't lived here for years. -
  • My grandfather did not work at a bank. -
  • I didn't go to the university last week. -
  • You've spilt the water and now the floor is wet. -
  • I stayed home last night. -