16 English tenses

16 времен


Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple. Эти времена обычно обозначают действия в неопределенный момент времени или регулярные действия. 


Present continuous, Past continuous, Future continuous. Эти времена описывают действие в процессе в определенный момент времени. Действие началось до и закончится после этого момента.


Present perfect, Past perfect, Future perfect.  Эти времена обычно используютсяб чтобы показать, что действие завершилось до другого действия или момента времени, а также указывают на результат. 


Present perfect continuous, Past perfect continuous, Future perfect continuous. Они бозначают действие в процессе, которое началось раньше, а продолжается до опреденного момента времени иди другого действия.


Future in the Past, Future Continuous in the Past, Future Perfect in the Past, Future Perfect Continuous in the Past. Эти конструкции чаще всего используются в косвенной речи для согласования времен.

Примеры использования 16 English tenses

  • I will be missing the mountains when I go home. -
  • Jack can't come, he is eating. -
  • What were you doing when Nick came back? -
  • Mark wasn't playing, he was just watching the game. -
  • What is Jenny doing here? -
  • Mary saw this film last week. -
  • Jack is not going to help us, he is too selfish. -
  • By December Jessica will have been dancing professionally for twenty years. -
  • Jack has bought a new apartment recently. -
  • Alice was studying when I went to bed. -
  • Where have you been all my life? -
  • Do you often eat vegetables? -
  • Lou will not have been living with her parents for nine months tomorrow. -
  • When did you buy this car? -
  • I went to Seattle two years ago. -
  • I have not submitted the report yet. -
  • Had they been living there for a year before they moved out? -
  • The concert had already started when they arrived. -
  • Is Anna going to finish her lunch? -
  • Have you ever seen northern lights? -
  • I have been waiting for Mary since noon. -
  • Jack had been trying to open the door for an hour before he found a key. -
  • Will they have arrived by six o'clock? -
  • I am not crying, everything is okay. -
  • We will see how it goes. -
  • How long have you been living here? -
  • Had the store already closed when you came? -
  • We had not been waiting long before the taxi arrived. -
  • At that point I will have been living in San Francisco for a year. -
  • I think it won't rain. -
  • My mother doesn't live in Boston. -
  • Will you answer the phone? -
  • Will anyone be bringing friends to the party? -
  • How long will your father have been working there when he retires? -
  • I work out four times a week. -
  • It is hot in here, I will open the window. -
  • Anna will not have finished the project by next week. -
  • Paul will be swimming in the sea this time tomorrow. -
  • Dad will not be working when you arrive. -
  • We had not tried Thai cuisine before we went to Thailand last month. -
  • It had been raining so hard that the flood began. -
  • They didn't call me because they were busy. -
  • I had heard about the accident before I read the article. -
  • Linda hasn't been singing for a long time. -
  • It was raining while I was walking my dog. -
  • Robert will have resigned by March. -
  • We are travelling together at the moment. -
  • The plane leaves at six pm. -