Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Настоящее: простое и продолженное

Present Simple используется для обозначения:

-      регулярных действий (I get up at 6 o’clock every morning.)

-      действий по расписанию (The train leaves at 4.30.)

-      фактов, которые всегда истинны (The Sun rises in the East.) 

Слова-подсказки: usually (обычно), often (часто), sometimes (иногда), always (всегда), every day/week/month/year (каждый(ую) день/неделю/месяц/год)

 Present Continuous используется

-      когда действие происходит прямо сейчас (I am reading an interesting book.)

-      когда действие происходит в течение более долгого времени, но постоянно (I am working hard this week. She is learning Spanish this year.)

-      для планов на будущее (We are travelling to France this summer.)

Слова-подсказки: now (сейчас), at the moment (в этот момент), right now (прямо сейчас), this week/month/year (На этой неделе/В этом /месяце/году).

Примеры использования Present Simple vs Present Continuous

  • Where are your parents going this month? -
  • What are you thinking about at the moment? -
  • I am eating cookies, would you like to have one? -
  • Is your cousin coming home for Christmas this year? -
  • I am going to the airport at the moment. -
  • I usually don't sleep more than five hours. -
  • Alice doesn't have a car. -
  • I think this dress is too expensive. -
  • Are you cooking meat? The smell is delicious! -
  • Look, the baby is not crying! -
  • I don't dance, I am too clumsy. -
  • Our child doesn't cry that often. -
  • Why is your sister always late? -
  • Are they going home? It's only eight o'clock! -
  • The train leaves at ten o'clock. -
  • Where do you usually buy vegetables? -
  • I drink coffee twice a day. -
  • Jane is not dancing tonight. -
  • Water is boiling, you can add pasta now. -
  • Who usually does the cleaning at your house? -
  • My grandmother is working in the garden now. -
  • Their parents often go to London. -
  • My father works remotely on Mondays. -
  • Laura wears high heels every day. -
  • Come in, they are not sleeping! -
  • Look, Mary is wearing her new shoes! -
  • Tom is not having a shower, he is outside. -
  • Is Mary talking to your sister right now? -
  • John doesn't do any sport, he is lazy. -
  • When does the concert start? -
  • Who is your dad calling to now? -
  • Can you call me later? I am driving now. -
  • Does your brother go to the university five days a week? -
  • My husband is currently working on a new project. -
  • Is your sister listening to the music? It's so loud! -
  • I rarely drive to work, I prefer public transport. -
  • When are we going to the club tonight? -
  • What do you think about this book? -
  • Why are you talking to me like that? I don't like your tone. -
  • Does your mother bake often? -
  • I am thinking about my new project now, sorry. -
  • I am leaving now, goodbye! -
  • Do you listen to jazz music a lot? -
  • Do you usually come home late? -
  • My brother usually sleeps on the sofa. -
  • Anna works at the hospital. -
  • Do I look stupid in this dress? -
  • Don't shout, my sister is sleeping! -
  • I am not doing anything now, I am bored. -