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Usage Examples Past perfect passive

  • The dinner had not been cooked when his mother came home. -
  • Had his car been repaired before she sold it? -
  • The stadium construction had not been completed before the Olympic games. -
  • The jewelry had already been stolen when police arrived. -
  • The letter had been sent before she reminded me. -
  • When her boss called her, the problem hadn't been solved. -
  • When I came home, the door had already been painted. -
  • When he came to the office, his computer had been already repaired. -
  • When they arrived at the theatre, the performance hadn't been started. -
  • When he came to London, the room hadn't been booked for him. -
  • The glass had been broken before he came. -
  • An article had not been finished when my professor returned. -
  • The flat had not been properly cleaned before her father came back. -
  • Had the invitations been sent before the boss reminded her? -
  • Had the presentation been prepared when they cancelled it? -
  • When I came to the market, it hadn't been opened yet. -
  • Had the apartment been sold before you came back? -
  • The parcel hadn't been delivered when they came to the post office. -
  • Had the problem been solved before the teacher explained it? -
  • When they came to the office, the documents hadn't been signed. -
Past perfect passive

Rules for using Past perfect passive in English grammar with examples.