Tenses with future meaning

Времена для выражения будущего

Future Simple используется для выражения:

- спонтанно принятых решений (I forgot about Kate’s birthday. I’ll phone her now.)

- предположений о событиях в будущем (I think he will easily pass the exam)

Слова-помощники: tomorrow, next year/month/week, in two days/weeks/months

Future Continuous используется, чтобы описать

- действие, которое будет длиться в определенный момент в будущем: We will be packing presents tomorrow morning.

Future Perfect используется, чтобы описать

- действие, которое окончится к определенному моменту в будущем: Tomorrow I will have come home by 5 o’clock.

Present Continuous употребляется для выражения запланированного действия в будущем: You are starting work tomorrow.

Present Simple употребляется для выражения будущего, когда речь идет о расписании: The bus leaves at 08:00 am on Tuesdays.

Примеры использования Tenses with future meaning

  • Why is not Jack coming with you? -
  • Jack crashed the company car. The boss is going to kick him out. -
  • Laura is not going to call Simon, she is too angry. -
  • We are having dinner together on Monday. -
  • Will you have been working long enough to get a promotion by the new year? -
  • My son is playing football with his classmates next week. -
  • Are you going home with me? -
  • We will have been travelling for six months by October. -
  • I am not going to sit here and wait! -
  • My mother will have been working for forty years when she retires. -
  • It's half past eleven already! Jane is going to miss the train! -
  • Does this bus arrive at five am to Moscow? -
  • They are going to the cinema tomorrow. -
  • Is James going to do nothing? -
  • When does the plane from London arrive? -
  • Will you be bringing your husband to the party? -
  • I am going to finish the essay tonight. -
  • I won the lottery and I am going to buy a yacht. -
  • I hope it will not rain tomorrow. -
  • Is Lisa cooking anything special for your birthday? -
  • This time next month I will be swimming in the ocean. -
  • How long will Jane have been working there before she goes abroad in November? -
  • Maddie thinks this dress will suit you. -
  • They are having a presentation next week. -
  • I will be driving all night and all day. -
  • The movie ends at midnight. -
  • What are you going to do now? -
  • Are they going to throw a surprise party for Lena? -
  • Will you help me? -
  • My train departs at nine am. -
  • The dancing class starts at half past seven. -
  • My sister is going to move in with her boyfriend. -
  • Are you going to finish this sandwich? -
  • I will send flowers to Polly. -
  • Anna doesn't think Kyle will like it. -
  • We will go to the park if the weather is good. -
  • The train will depart with a thirty-minute delay. -
  • Where are you going for the Christmas break? -
  • Will Clair be joining us? -
  • Will Alice help me if I ask her? -
  • Anna is not doing anything tonight. -
  • Joe is leaving tomorrow, here is his ticket. -
  • I will not give up. -
  • Tom is certain that Real Madrid will win. -
  • I am meeting Emma after school. -
  • Why are you going to buy a new phone? Your old one works well. -
  • Look, the sportsman is going to fall! -
  • I will send them an invitation. -
  • Alex will be running marathon at seven am on Sunday. -
  • Next month I will have been learning Japanese for ten years. -