Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Настоящее совершенное - Простое прошедшее

Present Perfect используется, когда

  • действие закончено, а его результат важен сейчас (I can’t find the book. I’ve lost it.);
  • действие закончено, а период времени, о котором идет речь, еще длится: I have drunk 2 cups of coffee today. (Today еще не закончилось); I have been to Canada twice. (подразумевается in my life, и life еще не закончилась)

Слова-помощники: just, already, yet, recently, so far, in the last few days/months, since breakfast/lunch

Past Simple используется для выражения

  • событий, которые произошли и закончились в прошлом (I lost my key yesterday. Tchaikovsky was a great composer. He wrote many pieces of music.)

Слова-помощники: yesterday, last week/month/year, two days/weeks/months/years ago


I haven't bought a new computer yet.

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Where did you work five years ago?

Did your mother go to a doctor on Tuesday?

We have just got back from our holidays.

Jack has seen this film before.

My brother has been to Mexico three times.

My brother didn't play hockey at school.

Did we take this bus last time?

You've spilt the water and now the floor is wet.