Fut. Cont. vs. Fut. Perf. Cont.

Future Continuous vs. Future Perf. Cont.

Future Continuous используется, чтобы описать

- действие, которое будет длиться в определенный момент в будущем: 

We will be packing presents tomorrow morning.

Future Perfect Continuous используется, чтобы описать

- действие, которое началось и продолжалось в течение некоторого времени до определенного момента в будущем. 

Next month we will have been living together for 25 years.


Will they be joining us?

This time next week I will be sunbathing in Thailand.

How long will Emily have been studying philosophy by the conference?

Next Monday you will be working in our new office.

At that point, will Beth have been living in France for five years?

Jack won't be waiting for you when your train arrives.

Tomorrow at five am we will still be driving.

Why will it be snowing next weekend?

How long will you have been living here by the end of the year?

I will not have been smoking for six months in October.