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Usage Examples Inversion, Ellipsis, Substitution

  • Not a word did I hear from her since she moved. -
  • Only then did she press the button. -
  • Here comes the pizza! -
  • She told me he was in Paris. -
  • There goes Friday. -
  • Only then did I understand the danger we were in. -
  • Never had he heard his father sound like this. -
  • Only then did I learn something. -
  • I study in the university, and so does my girlfriend. -
  • There goes my trip to Rio. -
  • Only then did she start crying. -
  • Here comes the groom! -
  • I didn't go to the game, and neither did my brother. -
  • I think so. -
  • Never had she imagined that. -
  • How much is that bag? - Fifty. -
  • Never had I been so angry. -
  • I shouldn't eat junk food, and neither should you. -
  • You mustn't leave the house, and neither must your sister. -
  • My wife didn't like the room, and neither did I. -
Inversion, Ellipsis, Substitution

Rules for using Inversion, Ellipsis, Substitution in English grammar with examples.