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Usage Examples Tenses with future meaning

  • When does the plane from London arrive? -
  • Tom is certain that Real Madrid will win. -
  • I am going to finish the essay tonight. -
  • The dancing class starts at half past seven. -
  • My mother will have been working for forty years when she retires. -
  • Will Clair be joining us? -
  • Is Lisa cooking anything special for your birthday? -
  • How long will Jane have been working there before she goes abroad in November? -
  • Look, the sportsman is going to fall! -
  • Will Alice help me if I ask her? -
  • Will you be bringing your husband to the party? -
  • My train departs at nine am. -
  • Anna doesn't think Kyle will like it. -
  • It's half past eleven already! Jane is going to miss the train! -
  • Joe is leaving tomorrow, here is his ticket. -
  • Does this bus arrive at five am to Kyiv? -
  • Alex will be running marathon at seven am on Sunday. -
  • I hope it will not rain tomorrow. -
  • Will you have been working long enough to get a promotion by the new year? -
  • Where are you going for the Christmas break? -
Tenses with future meaning

Rules for using Tenses with future meaning in English grammar with examples.