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Usage Examples Present Simple vs Present Continuous

  • I think this dress is too expensive. -
  • The train leaves at ten o'clock. -
  • Their parents often go to London. -
  • Who usually does the cleaning at your house? -
  • Tom is not having a shower, he is outside. -
  • Why are you talking to me like that? I don't like your tone. -
  • Our child doesn't cry that often. -
  • Are they going home? It's only eight o'clock! -
  • My brother usually sleeps on the sofa. -
  • Do you listen to jazz music a lot? -
  • John doesn't do any sport, he is lazy. -
  • Is Mary talking to your sister right now? -
  • Don't shout, my sister is sleeping! -
  • What do you think about this book? -
  • I drink coffee twice a day. -
  • Are you cooking meat? The smell is delicious! -
  • I am not doing anything now, I am bored. -
  • I am going to the airport at the moment. -
  • Do I look stupid in this dress? -
  • I rarely drive to work, I prefer public transport. -
Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Rules for using Present Simple vs Present Continuous in English grammar with examples.