Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Continuous

Настоящее Совершенное - Настоящее Совершенное Продолженное

Present Perfect используется, когда

- действие закончено, а его результат важен сейчас: I can’t find the book. I’ve lost it.

- действие закончено, а период времени, о котором идет речь, еще длится: I have drunk 2 cups of coffee today. (Today еще не закончилось); I have been to Canada twice. (подразумевается in my life, и life еще не закончилась)

Слова-помощники: just, already, yet, recently, so far, in the last few days/months, since breakfast/lunch

Present Perfect Continuous используется, когда

- действие началось, длилось и закончилось к моменту речи, а результат виден сейчас: Oh, you are absolutely wet. It has been raining.

- действие началось в прошлом и продолжается сейчас: I have been learning Spanish for two years.


Has Dan submitted the report yet?

My sister has not come back yet.

My best friend hasn't been talking to me for a week.

You are all sweaty! What have you been doing?

I haven't been swimming since May.

Mary and Jane have been travelling since July.

Charles has been teaching at the university since August.

They have been studying philosophy for five years.

I have already cooked the dinner.

I have been working here for three months.